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Tips For JEE (main)
As Joint Entrance Examination is about few months away, its time for you to gear up. The new selection system gives importance to class 12 board marks as well, hence one must prepare for both the exams simultaneously. The students must practice all NCERT problems, while brushing up JEE.

Time Management:
While dealing with exam pressure, time management plays a crucial role. Here are some tips:
Divide months aptly for the three subjects
Prepare a chapter-wise and topic wise revision schedule
Create short notes, list all formulas and point to remember. This will help in quick revision

Month wise Planning:
December-February: One can utilize time for JEE preparation by focusing on each chapter separately.
March: Keep this month mainly for board exams, except for certain days when you can solve papers for JEE.
April: As JEE (Main) is scheduled for April 07, 2013 for offline and between April 08 to 25 for online, are advised to take reputed JEE (Main) mock tests.

Practice makes a man perfect. Practice as much as you can for JEE (Main). Generally one must keep in mind the following things while preparing:
Always take a conceptual approach and understand the question properly. Never cram,
Always start from the basics,
Study on a regular basis,
Never lose your confidence
Prepare as per prescribed syllabi of the exam. Do not over stress yourself
Whenever you complete a chapter or topic, go through that topic again from NCERT books as this would prepare you for the board as well
Problem-solving should be more qualitative than quantitative
Do not refer to solutions till you get the right answer, and
Spare some time for relax.
Study on a regular basis,

As engineering aspirants one must prepare all topics covering Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from CBSE syllabus of class 11 and 12 for JEE (Main).